We work together with and for partners and customers like:

Our office is located at the campus of the VU University of Amsterdam.

We cooperate with the Spatial Economics department of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, the SPINlab, and the IVM mainly on projects related to the use and development of the Ruimtescanner 

PBL (Planbureau voor de Leefomgeving) is the coordinating partner in the development and use of the Ruimtescanner and Vesta models.

We support the PBL in the developing and applying these models.

The Institute for Environment and Sustainability (IES) of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) developed the Land Use Modelling Platform (LUMP) to support policy needs of the European Commission. In this platform the Luisa model is used to model land use changes.

We support the JRC-IES with the development and maintenance of Luisa.

Since 2006, the municipality The Hague is using the ‘KansenVerkenner’, a GeoDMS application at a local/regional scale to analyse & visualise target groups, suitable houses & services.

In the last years we support(ed) many other municipalities like Haarlem, Lansingerland, Leiden, Hoorn on similar projects and with web mapping tools.

With Baasgeo we cooperate in visualising information products, mainly with web mapping tools.

Baasgeo is an important partner in the development of the WoonZorgwijzer.

Stichting InFact is an innovative foundation with projects in the Social Domain.

We cooperate with Stichting InFact on projects with the WoonZorgwijzer and other projects in the social domain.

With Mapifaction we work together in web mapping applications