The current transition to renewable/sustainable energy has impact on many aspects of our society. Alternative options are available with different benefits and costs. Modelling can support in choosing an optimal alternative.

Vesta Model

Vesta Model

Together with PBL we develop the Vesta model. Vesta is a spatially explicit model that matches future projected demand for energy in the built environment to options for local and zonal energy supply.

The Vesta model is used for the: Startanalyse van de Leidraad, to calculate at the neighbourhood level the results of alternative strategies.

Different versions of the model can be downloaded from:


In the MONDAINE project we worked together with Balance, E-Kwadraat, Geodan, TNO and Quintel on a innovative approach for linking energy models.

The MONDAINE Suite offers a solution for combining the strengths of various important energy calculation models. It forms the link between existing models, creating an integral set of models, and data. Because energy models connect with each other via the ESDL language, data can be compared and combined more efficiently, more effectively, and more consistently. This leads to better integrated solutions for the energy transition.