GeoDMS Software Development and Downloads


Most components (dynamic link libraries) and the GeoDmsRun.exe are written in C++. The GeoDmsClient.exe is written in Delphi. This page directs you to all the steps required to download, install and compile the source code of the GeoDMS.

Subversion Server

The GeoDMS source code is maintained at our Subversion server.

Source Code

Within the GeoDMS trunk and each branch and tag you'll see the following components (also described in the readme-dms.txt at the root of these components).

  • srv: C++ Source Code. See README-srv.txt
  • clt: Delphi Source Code. See README-clt.TXT and Development_setup_steps.txt
  • Regression Tests

    Regression tests are stored in the GeoDMS Subversion database under dev/tst.

  • Operator test (open the cfg/Operator.dms with the GeoDMS and acess the results container)
  • All regression tests
  • C++ compiler

  • Visual C++ Compiler Express Edition 2010
  • Delphi

  • Delphi XE2 (Current code base will be phased out)
  • NSIS

  • Install System: nsis 2.40 (used for compiling the scripts in the nsi folder to the distr folder)

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