GDAL update

The Geographic Data Abstraction Layer, aka GDAL, is a well known library for reading and writing many different Geographic Data formats and is used by the GeoDMS to read raster and feature data.

The current version of the GeoDMS use GDAL version 1.11.2. Since 2015 GDAL 2. was released with many, see for example: http://erouault.blogspot.com/2015/06/gdalogr-200-released.html

We've planned to upgrade the GeoDMS to working with GDAL 2.3.1, and to include functionality to:

  • use GDAL to write raster and feature data to various data formats.
  • set relevant parameters, for example if a csv file has a header.
  • use and suppport NetCDF

Related mantis issue: 823

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