Geo Data and Model Server (GeoDMS)



We develop the Geo Data and Model Software (GeoDMS) to process, calculate with and present (geographic) data. The software can be used stand alone or in combination with other (GIS) tools like QGIS or ArcGIS. For an overview of results made with the GeoDMS, see our Gallery.

The software is available as open source under GNU-GPL version 2 license conditions and can be downloaded from the software section.

Added Value

The GeoDMS has added value in:

  • Fast calculations and calculations with large datasets (grid, vector and attribute data)
  • Spatial allocation, accessibility and network calculations
  • Scenario analyses, comparisons between multiple alternatives
  • Modelling with (geographic data): scripting, repeatability, transparancy and quality control
  • High resolution mapping


This section of our web site is mainly used as a reference for how to use the GeoDMS Gui software and for how to model with the GeoDMS. See the items in the left menu for more information.

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